A beer shirt from Greece.
A beer shirt from Greece.

 I wear a beer related tee-shirt every Sunday. Period.

Last year (or was it two years ago) I was admiring all my beer tee shirts and then feeling a bit of sadness since I them don’t wear them all that often.

Wearing beer tee shirts to work is something that could cost me my job.  So I don’t do that.  I need my job to pay for my beer and tee shirts. And then the weekends roll around and I don’t tend to wear them out and about all that often. For some odd reason, I dress up for Costco.

That’s changed.

As I admired my collection, I made a vow that I would wear a beer related tee-shirt every Sunday for a year. That was as easy as saying “PROST.”  As the end of the year approached I made a vow to wear a beer shirt every Sunday for the rest of my life. Yeap. Life.


While in Greece, wear a Rogue Ale shirt!
While in Greece, wear a Rogue Ale shirt!

This past year, I had a work conference I drove too, seven hours away with my supervisor and then a “mixer” on a Sunday. Work, Beer shirt, Sunday. Yes, I wore it. My boss never said anything. Whew. It was Sunday after all.


So here is the big dilemma.


I am going to the Oscars. Yes, those Oscar’s. The one in Hollywood with the red carpet in which the big movie stars will walk and I’ll be there snapping photos as an invited guest. The Oscars are on a…..wait for it….. a Sunday.RogueAle Shirt


So the big question really is……..


Is wearing a beer tee-shirt to the Oscars? Should I???