Oscars Bleacher Fan Experience

Dear 2015 Bleachers Fan:

Congratulations! You have been selected to attend the Oscar Fan Experience for the 87th Oscars.  

The stat of the Oscar paperwork.
The stat of the Oscar paperwork.

Is how the email started. Mom entered a contest on People Magazine. The morning she got the email that she had won this experience, experience for two I just happened to be on the phone with her while she opened and read this email. My mom was left speechless due to the excitement.  Me, being the cynic advised mom to call and verify this was true and not a scam and preferable not call the number on the letter.

In order to attend the Oscar Fan experience, we need you to clear security background check.

My mom was actually worried about passing the background; and her friend more so.  We are talking women in their 70’s. Instead of attempting to pass a background check, my moms best friend opted out and then my mom asked me. Well…she didn’t really ask. She “made” me call my sister and had us decide who would attend with her.

Submit a photo of yourself. This photo will be used for your security credential. Photos not meeting the following specifications will be rejected. Only passport style photos will be accepted.

My mom sent in my information as her guest. And now here is my turn attempt to pass the background check. My mom questioned me and my ability to pass. Really?? I don’t even have a unpaid parking ticketing.  No worries mom. It was the passport style photo that hung up mom’s application since the picture had to be electronically submitted. Oh sure, she knows how to go to the post office and actually pay for a photo but getting the print to email was another story.

Do not submit a selfie. We love them but they do not work out for our security credential. Ask a friend to take a photo!

I took this photo in the  bathroom at work.
I took this photo in the bathroom at work.

After weeks of finally figuring this out; Mom passes the security background check and with a day; I pass the security. I knew how to hold my phone and take a picture that didn’t look like a selfie.

Next blog; Oscar rules & who all attends.





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