Oscar Rules

The Gold Man
The Gold Man and look, the bleachers for the Fans.

87th Oscars Fan Experience Release and Agreement

1- My name, voice, image, likeness and performance may be copied and recorded… and I hereby irrevocably grant the Academy, its sponsors… permission to use my name, voice, image, likeness.

You know I agreed to #1 one without any hesitation. In fact, I would prefer it if they do use me and my likeness for future promotions. It would be “ideal” if my appearance at the Oscars gets me on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Then I’d consider this whole experience a complete success. No wait, maybe its picture of me with Bradley Cooper. I digress.

2 If I am found outside of the designated bleachers viewing area I may be subject to ejection from the event…

however if I taking pictures with Bradley Cooper I think I’d be okay with being ejected because hopefully it could lead me to my primary objective, being on the Jimmy Fallon show.

As well as subject to civil and/or criminal prosecution.

Never mind. Nix that idea. Criminal prosecution is definitely not on my bucket list.

And the rules continue as you’d expect on such things; No minors, no knives or sleeping bags (there goes another great idea) and holding the Academy harmless in the event I die or suffer a damage to personal property. Which, if I’m dead I’m not going to care about damage to my property but then Jimmy Fallon might have a tribute to the fan who lost their life at the Oscars.

The rules and the Facebook Closed group main page.
The rules and the Facebook Closed group main page.

If you are thinking my mom and I are the luckiest people alive to be invited by People Magazine to this event; you are only partially right. We are lucky (actually my mom is since she won) however lots of people have been invited. Lots is a pretty vague word that means nothing. It could be a hundred; it could be several hundred. I’m not sure. I do know there is enough of us that the Oscars Fan Experience host/people have created a closed Facebook page so we all can “meet” and talk Oscars and share information. I can tell you there is 289 people on the Facebook closed group page. That would be 145 people invited with each an guest plus one person who’s invited guest didn’t pass the background check.

After passing the background checks, signing the release and attached rules, the official invite paper was emailed. The real excitement begins.

Next Oscar experience, I’ll share the official invite letter with you; and then it will be the Oscars and pictures of Bradley Cooper and the hopes of making some sort of spectacle of myself to make it on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

I wonder if my mom knows she got herself into by inviting me?


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