Ah Moments

Ah Moments

Singing as we Labor!
Singing as we Labor!

“I think we should name the baby Bertha.” I proclaim to my daughter while she is in labor with a surprise gender baby.

“That way if it’s a boy, he can be Bert, and if it’s a girl she is Ah.” I think I’m fairly cleverly.

The doctor who is check on my daughter and the nurse chuckle.

“Think of the unlimited possibilities if your name is Ah.

Come here Ah.

Ah, you are in trouble.

Ah, I don’t know.”
Now the doctor and nurse is laughing and participating in our conversation. They too, agree with my logical and the name BerhAH.

After the silliness of the name, we pass the next hour or three watching (and dancing on my part) to videos. When we were shaking our tail to Uptown Funk I saw the nurse peak in, and leave. But when she came back I played Maroon 5 Sugar for her. Made her watch the entire video. The next day (and after delivery) she actually thanked me for showing her the video because she showed it to her kids that night which put her the cool mom category (at least for rest of the night.)

And then actual labor and pushing starts.

Mom, Nana and of course  HannAH
Mom, Nana and of course HannAH

Bert Ah

AH is coming.

Breathe, AH AH AH.

Ah …its almost here.



AH! It’s a GIRL.

With Ah awesome name.


And with that, I witness the second best event in my entire life; and she is perfect. Eight pounds,  8 oz and 20 inches long. Hannah Grace. Your Nana love you!


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