Oscars here I come…with my Mom

This is where I'll be Sunday
This is where I’ll be Sunday

The Oscars Fan Experience sponsored by People magazine and Maybelline New York.

Mom tells me that 50 people won the Fan Experience through People Magazine with other agencies & sponsors with their own contests. I see on the Facebook Closed Group page one person won from Regis and Kelly. There is someone (and guest) from the UK who won and is flying to LA for the experience. One attendee and her mom is from the Make-a-Wish foundation.

Our official letter designated our time of arrival, more rules, and what to expect.

The letter of expecatations
The letter of expecatations

My mom and I will be arriving at 8:30 am. It seems people arrive in waves in order not to overwhelm the product booths as the letter calls them. There are booths for hair, makeup & photos. And a mobile phone charging station booth. I already know which booth will have the most visitors.

The Red Carpet official opens at 2 pm. That should give mom and me plenty of time to get our hair and makeup done. Although I can’t imagine leaving the hotel wondering around this experience without makeup. I can go without hair; but makeup. That will be a challenge for me. Only my early morning work out partner Peggy is used to seeing me sans hair and makeup. I bet money she’d said I look great as I would her. Again, I digress.

Once the official Oscars pre-show telecasts begins at 4 pm, we are not permitted to leave the Oscar bleachers area. Sounds serious. Not allowed. I truly hope the porta potties are not off limits but then again who would leave during the time that Bradley Cooper would be walking down the red carpet?

One item that will get us immediately dismissed from the entire experience and banned and humiliated for the rest of our live (I embellished a bit) is coping, photographing and posting anywhere online is a our credential badge. The letter warns us that The Academy will be monitoring social media sites. The rules also state we can be ejected for acting any manner deemed inappropriate by

Is a date with him okay sis?
Is a date with him okay sis?

The Academy. I need clarification on any manner. I really don’t want to sit zombie like while watching the stars glide past and wave at me. Can I wave back? Can I shout out Hey Benedict Cumberbatch , my sister needs a date call her!??! And how else in the world will I get on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon if I can’t get my sister a date with Benedict?!? Or just by making a fool of myself….or just being me!??!?

While in the bleacher area, we will receive a complimentary gift bag with items meant to be consumed throughout the day and so the letter goes. Some of those items include Hello Breath Spray and toothpaste. Toothpaste? To be consumed? I can understand the Hello Breath Spray; when I see Bradley Cooper heading towards me, you’ll see me with breath spray in hand getting my breath fresh for that air kiss I’m sure he’s going to throw my way. But toothpaste? Where is Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods when you need him?!?

The site of dinner
The site of dinner

As you lounge about your house Sunday night February 22nd and watch stars walk the red carpet, I’ll be behind the media trying my darn-est not to be ejected for getting my sister a date or worse, eating toothpaste.


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  1. faeriedoost says:

    I’m so sorry, my friend…but Benedict got married over the weekend. Still…a picture would be great. (He loves to photobomb, too!) ~T.


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