The Event; The Oscars Fan Experience

The Oscars Fan Experience

The Gold ManI would guess about 300 people were invited to the Oscar Fan Experience. Fifty of who win through People Magazine plus their guest. However, not everyone enters the event at the same time; we enter in waves. Once you are inside the event, the secured area you don’t get to leave. People VIP’s are the first to enter the event at 8:30 am and there is 50 of us. The last wave is at 11:00.

Our letter states we must enter at the allotted time so our UBER driver gets us as close as possible to the meeting point. Most of the streets are blocked off and security is high; as you’d expert. There isn’t a sign that says “Meet Here” and mom and I find the place through the blocked off streets, fences and security. We hope our map reading skills are keen. And we wait.

The  meeting point and our greeters
The meeting point and our greeters

And we wait. More people show. We are at the right spot, and then our hosts arrive. They view our ID, check us off a list and have us wait in a line. (Goodie! I like lines and waiting.) Close to 9 am, we get escorted through the gated streets of Hollywood to the check in for event which is right next to the entrance of the Red Carpet. We show our ID again and get a huge credential that even the blind could see to wear around our neck. We are told not to post any photos of the credential at all or we’d be escorted out of the event.

After worlds largest ID is in place around our neck, a small group of us is walked a few feet to get our goodie bag for the day and a given an Oscar tee-shirt. We are shown our seats and now we are “free” to explore the event which has a Makeup station, Nails, photo booth and a fun Selfie booth. Also a lounge area with a cell phone charging station. In addition, breakfast line. With coffee. Always worth the wait.

I head right to the makeup station. First in line; no waiting for me. Maybelline of New York has six stations and we get to choose one of four looks for the day. I choose look two which includes coral lips; a color I would of never of picked out for myself.

After my makeup session; my mom is now in line for her beauty time. I head for the coffee and danish line which is now longer than our check in line. I can see why; choosing which danish you will inhale is a tough decision. Cheese, blueberry or plain??

I sure liked getting my makeup done.
I sure liked getting my makeup done.

P1000172Mom is now more beautiful with her makeup and we take a few photos and visit our bleacher seats. There is a plenty of activity on the Red Carpet. News crews are getting set and many are filming the introductions. One could easily just skip the events and just watch the news crews on the Red Carpet.

Box lunches are handed out around Noon. The line is longer than a check line at Costco. Back at the bleachers, a host engages with the audience. He visits sections and gets us all ready to cheer and has us answer Oscar related trivia. The Red Carpet lanes are now packed. News crews move around conducting more shoots, more promo’s. And then security, the guys in tux’s, sunglasses line the middle of carpet. Things are getting serious.

Right before the All Clear
Right before the All Clear

2:00 is the clear the carpet call. Eric silence. One can actually see the Red Carpet again. News crews wait. And then mayhem. The first stars arrive and now all all bets are off. It’s crazy crowded on the carpet. Who’s who? It’s hard to tell.

First on the CarpetThe Red Carpet is wider than you’d think, and longer than you’d expect. Think of it as a roadway. On the west side of the road is the press. They had choir type stands. On the east side is the fans and invited guest. There are three sets of bleachers. Bleachers section three is for the People VIP guests and where my mom and I are for the day. The Red Carpet then has three sections with a set of ropes down the middle. The section nearest the press is for A list stars. The stars that are talking to press and have (I imagine) agreed to talk and do interviews. The section closest to the fans are the invited guests to the Oscars and those if you will, most of us don’t recognize. And the middle lane, the fast pass is for those stars who want to be seen but don’t have time to press or much fan engagement.

Sometimes its just a quick picture

Pictures, where are the awesome photos you say?? Individual shot are difficult enhanced by the problematic security guards standing every two feet and then the fans in front of you that wave at all the stars like they are old friends. (Nice long, run on sentence.) Regardless of the photos, or lack thereof, I am enjoyed every second of our experience. The day flew by.

Someone please clear all the lanes for me!
Someone please clear all the lanes for me! How many people can you name in this photo?? (at least three)

After the Fan Experience, we were escorted to the El Capitain theater for dinner and to watch the Oscars on the big screen. Dinner was tasty and I enjoyed every bite. We also got popcorn, pop and candy. We were treated well.

Thank you Mom for entering the People Magazine contest and taking me…… and not my sister.

A picture of a soon to be future award winner
A picture of a soon to be future award winner and a winner who took her…Sister!

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