Hellshire….we are talking Beer

One of the brewers  with the much sough after Hellshire V
One of the brewers with the much sough after Hellshire V

Hellshire V, Oakshire’s 5th barrel-aged beer under the Hellshire label, releases on Saturday, 3/14/15, and I have already had a taste.

We toured the brewery a week ago.. When Oakshire started brewing their award-winning beer, it as a relatively small

batch process.  They experimented with different types of brews and it grew. They continue to use the same brewing system, relatively small batch but they got that thing running 5 days a week, brewing batch after batch without a break in between. It’s a quick rinse and the next batch gets brewed then moved into storage tanks.  What they’ve come up with is award tasting beer and an ultra cool tasting room several miles from the brewery.

Nothing grumpy about this beer
Nothing grumpy about this beer

The tasting room serves…wait for it….beer. After we toured the wine barrels holding the Hellshire (and tasting) we drove to the pub to drink my second favorite,Ill Tempered Gnome Winter Ale which is  brown ale.  “This complex beer provides, bitter, roast, chocolate, pine resin, citrus, dark fruit, coffee and sweet flavors all in one glass.” (direct from the web site) I just know I like winter ales with chocolate. Like hello, who doesn’t like chocolate notes in beer??

Anyway. You should mark your calendar for March 14 to try the Hellshire. It;s a whiskey beer. Even if you don’t like whiskey, you’d like this smooth taste, the complexity of this beer.

While you are at the pub. have a pizza delivered, by bike. First, you can. The pub doesn’t mind and two, what is more Eugene than drinking craft beer and having bike delivery pizza?? I suppose the only thing more Eugene if the bike ride would be naked.


 of Hellshire V
of Hellshire V

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