Packing….is in order

My backpack on the floor of the airplan
My backpack on the floor of the airplan

Its three weeks before vacation, and I’m already packed.  Everything fits into one backpack that will fit underneath the airline seat.

What I’ve packed:

  • A day backpack. For all those things I’ll need for the day and mostly centered on the bathroom.

When traveling in most parts of the world outside of United States and Europe (not Eastern) WC’s or restrooms can be stretchy at best. I have “used” bathrooms with just an indent in the ground for your feet between a hole. Yeap. Your inner thigh skills must be killer. I recommend a health does of Piyo (with lots of squats) before your trip.

The smartest French couple I have ever seen was in Crete. We were hiking through Europe’s longest gorge. There were a few restrooms. They were the foot hold in-between the hole type of restroom. No running water and no electric and totally pitch black inside this cave. As I stood outside of this hole trying to mustard up the courage to enter into the dark and step on the unknown, when a French couple walks up says “Pardon”. The wife hands the husband (or her boyfriend I’m not one to judge) a flashlight, a box of wet wipes. He enters. He exits. She then hands him a Kleenex and squirts antibacterial into his hands. She then gets out a baggie in which he deposits the wet wipe, the Kleenex and then he returns the favor for her. Smart. I am going to be like the French. Besides the wet wipes and Kleenex and I do have a small roll of tp. Quilted for my comfort

The longest gorge in Europe on the  island of Crete
The longest gorge in Europe on the island of Crete

Since we are traveling in a hot humid climate with bugs, I am also taking a few sunscreen sticks (no liquid) and insect repellant wipes along with stuff you hope you never need but take anyway.

  • Workout gear. A swim suit, cap and goggles and silicone ear plugs. On the internet, looks like most of our hotels have a pool big enough for lap swimming. Can’t wait. Also a bathing suit. You know, the type to be seen in at the beach and not used for exercise. In addition, running shorts, top and sports bra. Socks, one pair.

Say no more, you’ve seen my picture …and you are thinking…she doesn’t work out. Hello! I feel like the queen of workouts. Okay, not queen but princess. And I do love to work out almost as much as I love bacon. No wait. That’s not true. I love bacon a hundred times more than working out. But everything in life is a tradeoff.

  • Stuff.

You know stuff. Do you really need to ask more???!!

  • Makeup.

The only time I’m seen without makeup is at Piyo in the morning or before the Oscars.  However, I am only taking every little. It all fits into a sandwich bag. And I don’t pack shampoo, soap, lotion, that sort of stuff. Hotels provide that.

Is this your luggage??
Is this your luggage??
  • Clothes.

When you take only a backpack that hold another smaller backpack and is crammed with Kleenex and wet wipes, you don’t have a lot of room for clothes. Plus, I don’t like carrying around dirty clothes. I suggest to my husband I don’t take any extra clothes at all and I’d just wear the same outfit the entire three weeks. After a few moments of awkward silence (I could hear him processing this thought: she would …she would…she would) he says, sure if you want people to think you did all these things on the same day. Oh yea. Photographic proof. Humph.

Guess where we are???
Guess where we are???

So here is my entire wardrobe for 22 days: 5 shirts (one long sleeved, one ¾ length, and 3 short sleeved including one beer tee shirt for Sunday.) One pair of capris pant and one skirt. One sundress in which I’ll sleep in or wear as a swimsuit cover or just maybe actually wear about town. Hey, I think that’s called a 3 in 1.  One extra bra and underwear. (Yeap, just wash in the sink every night and dry. Tada clean the next day.) A pair of flip flops. A bandana. Oh wait, I won’t be wearing a bandana like they do on Survivor. Oh, I am still taking one any ways.

I sure hope I didn’t over pack.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. lovetotrav says:

    Have a great trip. I am sure you will. Southeast Asia never fails to amaze and deliver. Happy travels, Cheryl


  2. You can buy an Angkor Wat T-shirts on your trip. Then, you’ll have six shirts. 🙂


    1. sirannaangel says:

      Hahahaha..that is such a good idea Scott. I just might today!


      1. Did you buy a t-shirt @ Angkor Wat? 🙂


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