Tuk Tuk for Change

P1000562“Everyone likes Us, They Keep Waving,” Dan says to me.

“You need a ride,” the friendly stranger asks as he waves at us.

Oh no no, we like walking on streets without sidewalks in 100 degree temperatures. Its fine, really.

After a cozy 4.5 hours of jet lag induced sleep time zone change we were up early and out on a TukTuk by 7:30 am. We hired a one to take us around for the morning, you know to show us the sites.P1000593

Our first site was the Royal Palace. “I meet you here in two hours,” our new best friend says to us. The Royal Palace is grand looking and all from the gates but I really want coffee. We walk.

“Come here my friend” a shop owner says to us. What he is selling, I don’t know but it’s not coffee.

“You need a TukTuk” says another future friend. Oh, no thank you but we have one..that’s why we are walking and walking.

Still no coffee shop.

Loading up with the fresh meat from the Market
Loading up with the fresh meat from the Market
and moving out
and moving out

We did come across the market. The market with live fish, guts and snails. Once we got past the smells, we watched the locals buy their products for the day. Most interesting to me was watching people load up their groceries on their mopes and drive away; with their family on board.

The market wasn’t lacking beggars. Plenty of them asked us for money as well. We had kids look us in the eye and say “Please.” “Sorry” I said the little ones. What more can I say?

Our new friend picks us and takes us the the Russian Market. The shoppers market if you will.

We get waves from booth to another booth. More friends. “You look and buy” They tell me. Great sales pitch if you ask me.

It’s too hot. We go back to the designated corner to wait for our Tuk Tuk driver. While waiting, we get propositioned. Not that, but for money as many new friends wave at us.

Back at hotel by noon, still no coffee. No Starbucks. No coffee.

We paid our new best friend $20 bucks. “What time do I come back and pick you up for dinner?” He asks.

“How about 6?”

He bows. And waves.P1000658


4 Comments Add yours

  1. lovetotrav says:

    OH I love Cambodia and I very much enjoyed your post. Good luck finding coffee next time. Always an adventure anyways. Cheryl


    1. sirannaangel says:

      Yes it is. I do love the people here. So very kind.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Another great story! The tuk tuk ride sounds fun. And, what a crazy scene at the market! At least, you are making a lot of new friends. Cheers! (I hope you finally found some coffee.)


    1. sirannaangel says:

      The TukTuk was even more frightening at night!


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