What I learned…Today

A Black hairy spider anyone?
A Black hairy spider anyone?

What I learned today.

A typical street view
A typical street view

1- Government is wasteful.

There were lines painted down the road today. We are in Cambodia. Lines mean nothing on the road; they aren’t even a mere suggestion. For example, our bus was going North bound in the South bound lane of a divided highway. A bus. A bus full of people. Nothing like learning to pray when going 45 mph head on against traffic.

2- What foods to eat.

Fruit with thick skin. Good. Mostly you can’t get sick from eating fruit in an outer shell. Sorry I can’t tell you what it was I ate, but it was purple. Also, some flowers are eatable like Lotus flower seeds. Not so bad. What not to eat; spiders, crickets and live snails. We saw plenty of people eat these things. Can’t believe there is a market for eatable black hairy spiders. Who knew?!

3- I can live without Starbucks.

Or any coffee for that matter. However, this is not how I would want to live my life without coffee. My only shot (literally) for coffee was at a road side stand. I asked for a cup “to go” which is basically unheard of. Why would anyone want coffee to go??? After much to do about coffee to-go, they find me a small cup and then ladle coffee out a 50 gallon pot on a fire burning open pit. I kid you not. I pay the very large sum of .50 cents for such a tasty treat when I promptly missed the first step out of the rest area and tossed my coffee. Gone, on the grounds. So much for that.

This is the Main Highway
This is the Main Highway

4- Government is wasteful, part II.

The wheels on the bus go round and round and 195 mile trip from Phenom Phen to Siam Reap will take 9.5 hours on a road under construction for the past three years. The road is mostly dirt. A few paved spots here and there but mostly red dirt. The signs along this “super highway” says something about 2011- 2014. That, I’m told is the start date and projected end date.

The next thing you’ll know they will be painting a line down the red dirty road. What a waste of government funds. Everyone knows a line down a road means nothing.

5- There is always hope.

The Cambodian people have suffered great losses of country and people mostly recently the genocide in the 1980’s in which two million people were killed in the fields; mostly the smart, skilled and educated people.

at the Genocide Museum on the road to the killing fields
at the Genocide Museum on the road to the killing fields

As a whole, the Cambodia people tend to be a happy bunch. As crazy as the road systems are; people don’t honk or make rude gestures. My husband could never drive here (but that’s another blog.) Everyone I have waved at, waves back with a smile. This is a poverty stricken country. Only 37 percent of the people have electric in their homes. But then seem happy; on the outside from a tourist point of view.

6- How to use a toilet.

Sign says it all
Sign says it all

And all I had to do was look at a sign.


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  1. I loved reading this, while waiting for my French Dip sandwich, here in Condon, Oregon. I especially loved the ‘how to use a toilet’ sign!!!


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