Toothbrush not Required

Our room in Hoi An
Our room in Hoi An

Toothbrush not required

You maybe wondering what our hotels are like in this Communist Country. I read something somewhere sometime ago, if you travel in third world countries you should always stay in 3 star or better hotels. Less worries about insects, safety and hot water.

However, I have to tell you I found shoppers paradise. If you love to shop, haggle and save plenty of money you need to get yourself to Hoi An Vietnam immediately.

Hoi An is central Vietnam. It is a coast town that generally floods every year in the old town, (so don’t come then) that is being built up and highly commercialized. There is even a casino here. You may not find that so odd; however Vietnamese people aren’t allowed to gamble. It’s against the law, the communist manifesto I suppose. The casino is a beautiful complex that is gated, armed security and people must show their passports to enter; foreigners are allowed. If the local citizen wants to gamble I’m sure it’s a just a slight bribe. I’m told corruption is wide spread, with approximately 40 percent of all government officials on the take.P1010358

Anyway. Hoi An is beautiful and old downtown quite charming. This is where people from around the globe come to shop and have garments and shoes made for them including this blogger. Oh yeah, I caved five minute after being in town. But more on that tomorrow.

After all your shopping, or hanging out on a topical beach, you’ll head back to your 3 but start hotel or better. In this area, our three plus hotel is on the lower end. It’s pretty unbelievable since we have a sitting room, a balcony and tastefully decorated. The pool is Olympic size with a swim up bar surrounded by lush vegetation. Lower end, ha! But for here it is.

All the hotels we’ve stayed in thus far on this trip to Cambodia and Vietnam (we are on our 4th in 6 days) provide toothbrush and toothpaste. If I had known this before coming to Vietnam I wouldn’t of packed such essential items because now I have less room in my backpack for the new tailor made clothes I purchased.

This gal is ready to shop
This gal is ready to shop
The lobby of our 3 star htoel
The lobby of our 3 star hotel

I am going to have to leave the toothbrush behind. Something has to give.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Hoi An sounds like an interesting, and expensive place!!! You’ve hit the tourist jackpot!


    1. sirannaangel says:

      Scott, I wish I was better at haggling. Then I could really get bargains. The good news; beer is only .50 cents.


      1. I think you are going to be a pro-haggler, before you leave Viet Nam. 🙂


  2. Linda Peer says:

    Iam Linda,s husband David. I love your post. I was in Nam during the war,most of the time at Phang Rang and other places 1966. Your discreption of the heat is right on, I was incounrty for a year and I sweat and was drenched all year. You need to experience the Monsoons to really understand how wet you can get.


    1. sirannaangel says:

      Dave, I had that thought too; I wonder what the Monsoon season is like. But I only thought that for a second. Thank you for your service. Jill


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