It was one of those days

Dan has on the proper shirt for the location
Dan has on the proper shirt for the location

I suffered two tragic events today. Wait, it was three.

As we packed our bags early this morning to get on a bus to head to Hue (pronounced Whey) it started to rain. Started would implied it quit. Let me rephrase; it rained.

P1010550The rain here is like sitting in a sauna. All nice and wet. The only benefit to this rain is that you can see it, hear it and it touches every part of you. Its the type of rain that does a little dance when it hits the pavement.

Our plan was to spend a bit of time at China Beach; some r-n-r if you will. Dan wore is Good Morning Vietnam shirt (this place also made popular by that Robin Williams movie) and I well, just wore my Rogue Ale tee shirt in honor of beer shirt Sunday.

Almost did a face plant in the surf...did a downward dog instead.
Almost did a face plant in the surf…did a downward dog instead.

So we get to the beach at least to the do photo opportunity and to have the right to say been there; done that. The moment the bus pulled it it wasn’t raining. The rain gods laughed at me and gave me a break because they knew I would run into the ocean for the hurry take-a-picture-of-me-Dan when my flip flop got tangled in the sand and down I went. I believe the pose I did was Downward Dog smack into the surf. Yeap, all I could think about it is…don’t get the butt wet it’s a long bus ride. Unfortunately Dan did not get a picture of my tragic accident number number. Don’t worry Mom; I didn’t ride in the bus for the next four hours in a wet tee shirt; I took it off. My backpack was on another van for courier service to our next hotel which means I did not have any spare shirts with me.

Doors at the Cidetal
Doors at the Cidetal

The bus did stop at a tourist rest stop. They conveniently called it a bathroom break; it was just a chance to sell items. There was a shirt lady. The shirts were thin, short sleeved and just in my color, purple. I asked “how much” and she said “11 US dollars.” To which I said no, “how about 8.” She actually took the shirt out of my hand and put it back. I think that means no. I’ve been told over and over again, Haggle Haggle Haggle. I suppose my haggling skills are most unfortunate. Or maybe she knew I really needed a shirt somehow.

P1010616Tragic event number two. We finally get to Hue, and it’s really time to buy a new, clean dry shirt to wear. Dan and I want to see the Citadel where the Nguyen Empire lived. I thought wearing a shirt into the castle would be appropriate.

I found a shirt I liked; however it didn’t fit. The lady said she could make me one for $10 and I could choose my colors. I said yes and order a 100% silk shirt. She measured me and I left to buy a $4 tee shirt across the street for the Citadel. But was fate would have it; I left my freshly purchased three days ago native hat at the shirt shop. I know, I know I can hear you weeping a bit for me. I weep as well, so thank you.

And I didn’t buy a $4 shirt. I offered $2 and they said no.

Tragic event three you ask, the all day rain

My hat at the point of purchase. Now gone.
My hat at the point of purchase. Now gone.

PS This would be a entertaining way to end the story but our luggage finally got delivered to our room and I was able to wear some pre-worn not-made-to-fit shirt and rain jacket.


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  1. lovetotrav says:

    Every little thing becomes an adventure. This is why I love travelling so much! And after years of it, I still suck at haggling. I am the worst. Keep enjoying. Cheryl


  2. I think that misadventures are the most memorable. So, you made a lot of memories, that day!


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