I’m a Traveler not a Tourist

Not Tourist, but Travelers

I’m a traveler. A traveler who participates in plenty of L&D, Learning and Discovery.

A temple
A temple

There are over 900 temples in Hue, and I have the chance to visit two or three. Before visiting the typical tourist site; I had the chance to visit an tiny little island on the Perfume River in Hue city central essentially where textile is made along with the making of the masks that everyone wears on their motor scooter. The masks not wore as a fashion statement nor protection against pollution, but as a barrier against the sun. Having white skin is a status symbol and people go to skin whitening salons like we go to the hairdresser; its standard part of life and since skin whitening treatment is expensive the skin is well protected.

I also witnessed a cock fight. I was quickly ushered out of the area that was surrounded by men and no tourists. Cock fights are illegal in Vietnam but a popular betting event. I am not a fan, but I wanted to witness; after all I’m a traveler not a tourist.

A cock for fighting
A cock for fighting

The Vietnamese are a hard working bunch of people. They have to be. No government programs to fall back on. Only yourself and your family. Not even education is free; however the literacy rate is at 96%. There are also restrictions on family size; two kid limit. And if you have a girl, the family is given $100 bucks at the hospital. The exception to the limit is for government officials and cops. They can have more than two babies and more than two wives. And that’s because they know and have the power to bribe.

And the internet.

Mask factory
Mask factory
Nun and Monks. Women can be nuns here in Vietnam
Nun and Monks. Women can be nuns here in Vietnam

I told my friends and family I wouldn’t’ be able to post on Facebook while I was away. And that has been untrue. At one time, the internet was limited and controlled by the government and the government told the people the reason why is because a shark bite  ruined the internet cable that runs under the sea; that is why they didn’t have full access to these services. But government to the rescue and fixed the internet cable in the dept of the sea.


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  1. Another very enjoyable story! That’s a good attitude, that you’re a traveler, not a tourist.
    I think it is CRAZY people pay to have their skin whitened. I think it’s unhealthy, too. People should be proud of their skin color.
    I’m glad the government fixed the shark-bitten underwater ocean cable, so that the people can have their internet.


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