Street Food & Subway Master

Street Food & Subway

Look at the experienced rider.
Look at the experienced rider.

Now we got this whole Subway system all figured out. The cost of the Subway is $1.30 one way. However, if you keep your ticket, you can turn it in for .50 cents. I watched people do this today and immediately ran back to the hotel room to gather up all our previous tickets. It was like bonus money day. We had $6.00 worth of tickets. Woot woot and I promptly ­spent the money on bubble tea.

Everyday on the subway, everyone is on their phone
Everyday on the subway, everyone is on their phone


This is bubble tea.
This is bubble tea.

Bubble tea is a Taiwanese invented drink which contain a chewy tapioca fruit balls or jellies. We had the passion-fruit bubble tea. The chunks of fruit balls were odd to sip up in my oversize straw but tasty. I am not a fan of tea, however I actually liked this drink and my only regret is that I waited until the last full day of vacation to drink one.

This was not the only unique flavor taste I had today; for today we ate street food. We took the subway for which we are experts at to the one of the oldest markets in Seoul called Gwangjang. The market is street-like but covered area over several square blocks. This market is where to go to buy textiles, to have any textile made and to feast, not eat; feast.

The pancake process
The pancake process

The food is a bunch of tiny little shops with just enough space for one person to work and and few seats in front for the consumer. I was impressed with the micro vendors that even had menus. After walking around and looking at fish, crabs and lots of noodles we settled on a deep fried pancake.

This pancake had sprouts, other items I couldn’t identify and pork. At least it tasted like pork and not chicken. The pancake was served with a side of onions swimming what tasted like sweet & sour sauce. Ordering one was deceptively simple. We walked up to a woman, pointed to the sign and she took our money, $8 bucks and then pointed to a table near her. Puzzled, we sauntered over to the table and sat. Immediately another women brought us over the onion bowl. No no no, we aren’t ordering from you. She motioned for us to sit. We motioned towards the the woman we ordered the pancake. She motioned to us to sit down and even pushed my shoulder. Okay okay, I got it.

The finish product and One Beer.
The finish product and One Beer.

After what felt like an hour but less than 10 minutes, we wondered if we were going to ever get a pancake. Would the woman pretend not to know us and we just lost $8 bucks?? We sat their like dumb tourists. Hungry, dazed and confused tourists that is. With much ado, our pancake is served. It is quartered up for eating and we need a beer. We point to the beer sign. Another lady brings us one beer and takes almost $10 from Dan.

Early this week, I paid $6 bucks for a black cup of coffee. My husband wasn’t exactly happy that I would squander away his money in this matter but my need for coffee was greater than his happiness. That is pretty much how I felt about one bottle of beer. My need for beer was greater than the worry of the cost. However, Dan motions to the lady and says “I’ve already paid and pointed to the pancake. I only owe for the beer.” The lady who surprising spoke no English looked at Dan and asked “who you pay.” Dan points to the first lady. The lady goes over there and brings Dan back the $8 bucks and another beer. She bows in apology. “No worries” I tell her and bow back.

Now back to the task at hand; eating the pancake, with chop sticks. First, I’ll have to tell you it was good and next remind you it was deep fried. How could it be bad?

We watched in delight as other tourists were just as confused as us with the order here, sit over there and multiple ladies either paying or serving and we felt smug.

Like the subway; we’ve got it figured out.


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  1. Very nice blog. I haven’t been back since leaving at a very young age.


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