"The Stairs"
“The Stairs”

It’s never a complete vacation without a hill to climb and stairs to navigate. And have I’ve got the place for you to enjoy both without a real benefit of a thrill at the end. Okay, a small thrill. Or you could skip the exercise and take the cable car.

We went to up to Seoul Tower. It’s on the highest point of the city and looks much like the Space Needle in Seattle with a long elevator ride to the top to experience to views of the city.

The Tower Shot.
The Tower Shot.

It’s about $8.50 per person to ride the cable car to the top of the hill and then another $10 per person to ride the elevator. Being the thrifty people that we are; and the fit people we think we are; we walked.

The hill to get to the cable car is a solid 20 minutes walk up a steep slowly gonna kill you hill. One of those hills you lean forward to transverse up due the incline. Killer on the ankles I might add.

P1020380After that work out, it’s another mile (this is fact and not exaggeration) up stairs to the tower. All stairs. Have you’ve ever walked stairs for a mile?? If you haven’t I don’t recommend you start unless you are one of those special people. The stairs at times so tiny my size 8 shoe couldn’t fit on the step and then at times the steps were too long for two steps so then you walked like an Ape to avoid the tulip steps. Visual very appealing to watch your husband walk like an Ape I might add.

About half way up, there is an adult exercise station. Sometimes they are called Swedish workout stations complete with pull up bars, monkey bars and some other equipment I don’t want to become familiar with. The only interest I had was in the bench. I know what those are used for; butt extensions. And my butt extended for a while.

My competitive spirit got the best of me and we didn’t rest for long. An young couple half my age started about the same time as us were going to pass us. Couldn’t have that. I told Dan to hussle off the bench and like a good husband who occasionally listens to his wife; complied and we got moving again.

P1020401More tulip steps. More ape steps. A turn out spot to take pictures. Dan asked if I wanted to stop for a picture. Serious? If I stopped I’d never want to continue plus we weren’t that far ahead of the young couple; we had to move.

What seemed like forever; we made it. (And left the couple in the dust.) We waited in a short line to get to the top of the tower for the spectacular views and guess what; pollution littered the sky. Our spectacular view wasn’t too sightly. Well in a sense it was sightly; but not not worth a mile worth of steps.

If you do go up to Seoul tower, take the cable car.

The bathroom sink has a pretty good view. Okay, awesome view.
The bathroom sink has a pretty good view. Okay, awesome view.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. I agree, its a hard walk!


  2. You guys had quite the work-out, climbing those stairs! (I’m glad that you beat the younger couple.) Great story, and great photos!


  3. Tam says:

    Looks like an awesome trip. So great to hear about, and see, some of your adventures.


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