Day of Leisure

Day of Leisure

Today I did nothing. Plus I was waited on hand and foot. Someone brought me my meals and cleaned up after me. I read almost an entire book, watched a few shows, and generally just sat there and did nothing. Bonus, had someone come by and pick up after me. Sweet. Mother approved service really.20160901_072013

After awhile, I had numb ass. You know, when you butt no longer has feelings after just sitting there, not moving not doing nothing. Sitting upright. Doing nothing. Feet not even2016-09-01 14.04.08 propped up. And I did this with 300 or so other people.

Yeap, I spent the entire day on a airplane.

We arrived to the airport the FAA recommend time of two hours before your flight time at 6:30 am. So we did what people do on vacation; had a beer. And made a video to post to You Tube. Then the ride. Almost 12 hours of total flight time with a 9 hour time difference. Try as might, sleep eluded me.
In order to stay awake, two hours after arrival at our destination, we took a bike tour and got the lay out of the city. This is one of the best ways to combat jetlag. We learned this tidbit from Rick Steves, the king of European Travel.

Needless-to-say, it worked. Awake, alive and functioning. Not much more than. Zombie walk day is still zombie walk day.

PS Personal best…awake 28 hours yesterday without a nap. 20160901_150049


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  1. Scott Weissbeck says:

    I loved this,—- “Yeap, I spent the entire day on a airplane.”!!! And, congratulations on your new record, 28 hours without sleep!!!! It must of been brutal taking a two-hour bike ride, immediately after landing in The Netherlands!!!


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