Don’t Pee in the Canal; You’ll drown

20160903_180758.jpgSeveral men every year are fished out of the canals with their fly open, dead. It’s such an common occurrence it’s no longer makes the night news. Just another drunk tourist who pee’ed in one of the canal, fell in and drown. True story. And I believe everything I’ve told.

You can not use canals as land marks in Amsterdam, and its not at all suspicious their is one in front and behind the Heineken Experience. (Place to pee anyone?)

Today we took the self guide, silly fun tour of the Heineken Experience. Maybe you’ve already seen the video (don’t judge.)

The web site recommends buy the ticket online to buy pass the suffering of a long line. I would agree with that sound advise.

20160903_180926The first part of the experience is a visual history of Heineken, the man behind the legend and his family. And then the brewing process. A demo of the brewing process that is since beer isn’t actually brewed on-site anymore. After learning about how Bier is mad (not that wasn’t a typo) the tour leads you past horses. I tell you this is the first time I’ve been on a brewery tour and saw horses. And naturally, they smelled like horses. And then the silly fun and drinking commences.

20160903_181409.jpgThe fun starts with you standing on a platform pretending you are beer. It jiggles you and wiggles you as you watch the silly video. Next the testing room. GOODIE! The entertaining barkeep tells you how to drink bier (put your pinky in the foam, taste, then smell, hold the glass up high to look at the color and then shout PROST to all that are listening and drink.) In case you are wondering, I excel at bier trivia. The barkeep asked a few questions in which I correctly shouted out the answer and got two more free biers. Prost indeed!

The tour continues with silly fun games, interactive lessons on how to get the prefect pour (in which I did the first time and my travel mate could not including a former bartender. HA)

Upon playing inactive games and just having a good time, the tour ends at the g20160903_175720ift shop however, it’s not over. A host will ask if you are still thirsty and if you say the magic words, YES you are lead up the six floor for two more free beers and burger for purchase. We did (duh.)

Which leads me to wonder if any of those drunk dead guys pulled out the canal just drank a lot of beer, for free at the Heineken Experience.

PROST! And stay thirsty my friends. Oh wait, wrong logo. Sorry.20160903_183045


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  1. Scott Weissbeck says:

    That was a fun read. I enjoyed reading about the Heineken Experience!


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