God Save the Queen

If you were to have an audience with the Queen and it’s a royal affair, what would you bring to drink??? (Keep reading for the answer.)

Porto is know for two things.

1- Port Wine

2- Harry Potter

1- Port wine originated from here. No, Porto was not name for Port wine, however it’s a Port City. (I tried to make that connection myself.)

20160905_204135.jpgPort wine has a high alcohol content with the average of 20 percent. (For comparisons a craft beer is around 7 percent.) It I also high in calories. Port win is mixed with Brandy and sometime other flavors such as orange for the taste. Once the Port wine is made, it’s made. Having it sit around to age will not make it better with time (so you better stop buying a different year hoping it will taste better, it won’t) with the exception of Vintage Port Wine.

Vintage Port wine is fermenting and stored in a bottle sideways and it’s not meant to be open for at least 12 years. Vintage bottle can be purchased by the average person and held either for an investment to be sold at auction or to have a party in 12 years. However, the caution is that once the bottle is open, it needs to consumed. The oxygen will not make it better; but worse.

In Porto, they have a saying, “Port wine is like Women, it gets better with time.” (I can so drink to that.) The local also have another saying, “A glass of Port wine away keeps the doctor away.” Both saying I can get behind.

Inside the Stock Exchange, the grand entry

Today, we visited the The Palácio da Bolsa (Stock Exchange Palace) is a historical building that took only a mere 82 years to build. Gustav Eiffel had a office here. The highlight of the Palace is, however, the Arab Room, built between 1862 which held receptions for the head of State such as the Queen of England. On all the walls, painted or in stained glass in Arabic is the same saying

God Save the Queen

over and over, “God Save the Queen.” In fact it’s the only saying in the room. To say the room is grand is an under statement. (Hint hint) I do believe the Queen has been received in this room. 

2- Harry Porter. We visited the Majestic Cafe. This is where JK Rowling sat and scribbled down the premise for Harry Porter. The cafe is well visited by tourists and very near impossible to get a seat to buy the most expensive coffee in the city for three euros. She also “borrowed” the most beautiful Library in the world (or in the very least all of Europe) for the book store called Livaria Lello. Super tiny book store which in turn, also has been taken over by tourists. You buy a ticket from a tiny red booth in the road for three euro’s to get inside to snap photos to see the birthplace of Hogwarts.

The birthplace of Harry Potter

So those are the two things for which Porto has become known for. And if you visit the Queen, she drinks Port Wine from Porto. God Save the Queen. She is going to need it with that alcohol and calories from a innocent looking glas

Hogwarts….. kind of looks like a bookstore.

s of wine.


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  1. Scott Weissbeck says:

    God save the Queen, and Port Wine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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