And it all went down the drain

Off to a bright yet, chilly misty morning to Bracara region of Portugal. The mist should have been my first clue. I kept asking Google what was the chances of rain today she always said Zero. So I dressed accordingly and off we went.

20160906_172837.jpgThe old Medieval in the town of Bragot was the first thing we saw. This historical fortification and defensive line encircling the city of Brarga. It is just a shell these days. Well… so I was told until I saw the sign that said Welcome, tours at 10 am. So inquired as to the tours and then I was told the castle does have some artifacts inside however the tour stop running this year after a Japaneses tour climbed the top and fell to his death. (I am almost certain he was taking a selfie.)

A short hike down the hill, we roam the fantastically beautiful old town, Many of the buildings are empty just ready for you to buy and fix up. We were told (yes, I believe I everything I”m told) if you buy the house and restore it, the government will reimburse you as long as you live there. If you have $60,000 to invest and want to live in the grape wine port region of Northern Portugal..I know just the place.

20160906_195501Afterwards, to the top of the hill to Bom Jesus. Bom Jesusis a Portuguese sanctuary outside the city. The Sanctuary is a notable example of pilgrimage site with a monumental, Baroque stairway that climbs 116 meters. It is an important tourist attraction of Braga. We were told the body of Saint James was once here thus the pilgrimage site. Somehow tho, his remains disappeared. And this is where it really all goes down the drain.

Like many churches and places of worship or places where tourist congregate, the WC is not free. And don’t you know it, you don’t really have to “go” until you are in line or until there is a line and you are digging out your money. I didn’t have any lose change so I handed the attendant a large bill which made her really unhappy. As she slowly dug out my change my need to “go” increased. I am sure she must of liked watching my pee-pee dance; it was quite fantastic I must admit. Once she finally gave me my change, I hopped into a stall and quickly turned around with a fist full of dollars when my camera in my pocket when flying right in to the loo. Without a moment to think I grab the camera as it sank faster than boulder with my money going down without peeing I went immediately to the sink area to grab paper-towel to dry my camera.

20160906_195027.jpgNow, seven hours later it is in a plastic bag with a one of those “do not eat” silicon bag hoping it will draw out all the moisture so I can snap another day.

You will know if it works if there are pictures in tomorrow blog.

St. James, where are you now?


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  1. Scott Weissbeck says:

    Sorry that your camera went into the toilet!!!! (Gross!) I hope that it works OK, now. Great story!


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