What people believe

Do you know why people paint a ribbon around a window?” It is essentially a box painted a different color around the house than the outside color. It is same belief as the Turks with the evil eye. The only thing with the evil eye is that it is easily marked and sold to tourist where as paint and DIY projects tourist typically don’t purchase to fly home. If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s to keep the evil spirits away.P1020337.JPG

We have been visiting many places of belief tour our time in Portugal. Yesterday we visited the site of the Mother of the Rosary, Fatima. She appeared to three Shepard kids (poor children) in the fields in 1915. She appeared about 5 times, once a month on the 13th. This event was witnessed as a ball of light in front of 70,000 people including a New York Time reporter. People flock to this area to pray to the Mother of the Rosary and seek peace and healing. It’s what they believe.

Do you know why people keep jugs of water in the doorway?” Once again the local is asking us, the tour group why. If I actually knew these things would I really be on vacation in another culture, another country.

Today we visited the Knights of Templar castle. Protectors of the faith. The first kings where crowned here; and it was also believed that the Chalice and the Arc of the Convent was here (or still could be.) The Templar’s was a secret society for many years and the legends remains. It what people believe. P1020305.JPG

This is why travel really enriches the soul, the mind the experience in that it is our the culture in which we know. And how can we know what we don’t know unless we see it, experience it, ask about it.

In case you are wondering why, it’s to keep the neighbors cat away. So mom, and those with cats who roam outside, walk around your neighborhood, if you see jugs of water outside the doorway you better bring your feline friends inside.

We have heard a couple different versions of the Cock and has represents Justice and Good Fortune. It’s what people believe.

I also believe exercise will keep me thin. This belief hasn’t materialized yet. I also believe my camera will work again before the end of the trip. Or maybe I should stick to the notion that exercise will make me thin and travel will enrich my world. It’s what I believe.


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  1. Scott Weissbeck says:

    Love it! It’s interesting what people believe. And, you are getting quite the cultural experience.


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