What about the beer?

P1020445.JPGAnd there is was; what I have been looking for more than a week; something I really wanted. And would you know it, I was sitting on the back of the bus; the last to get out. I did have to push a couple of people out-of-the-way and jumped over one old lady to get off that bus, run across the street to portable Beer Time truck. However, a guy that was sitting on the front the exact same bus I was on was taking a photo of his wife. With a point and shot camera. And she stood there. He stood there with the cell phone is his hand. I waited. And waited. I watch my tour group cross the main drag about to leave me in the sunset. If I couldn’t have a beer, I at least wanted a photo.

I asked, “have you’ve taken your photo?”

The wife said to me, “if you rush him, he’ll just take longer.” And he did.

So much for beer, so much for a photo.

p1020434We were visiting the Patriarchal Cathedral of St. Mary Major or simply Lisbon Cathedral in Lisbon, Portugal. Since the beginning of the construction of the cathedral, in the year 1147, the building has been modified several times and survived many earthquakes. It is nowadays a mix of different architectural styles. It is classified as a National Monument since 1910. It was the fourth church this day on our tour.

The tour beforehand was the Bones church in Evora, actually it’s a chapel. As you enter the door, the phrase above it is “We bones, are here, waiting for yours.” Meaning in that all of us start the same, and end the same. Quite creepy really. Ponder, you so influenced by fate, Among all the many concerns of the world, So little do you reflect on death; we all end up as a pile of bones. (Just some of us get displayed in a Chapel.

Before that we visited a Roman Church and another Church in Evoa. Forgive if I forget which church was which. So many churches back in the day since people were buried in the Church hence the need for many of churches throughout the city. And if you wanted to be buried near the alter you better give lots of money before you turn to bones otherwise you’re in the back row.

Once we arrived in Lisbon and I saw that craft beer truck, I knew what I wanted.

I left the truck to join the tour group but half way through the Cathedral tour I said to my tour mates, “Hey, lets go get a beer.” They agreed. I need to convince them.

Back out the heat and the truck we went. I got my photos, I got my beer.

And yes, I got my beer. The back of the label is correct, “This beer will be one of the highlights of your day.”

Indeed. Prost!




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