The Lag

Another day. Another Castle. Anther Church (or two.) And then those who get sick, fall behind and just flat out annoy you. And then the lag.

We did go to the Oldest and Best Church in all of Lisbon. Never mind it has a plain exterior and compared to what we’ve seen, a simple interior. Our Portuguese guide is always telling us, “Here in Portugal we have the best (the first, or largest or whatever) in all of Europe and maybe the world. Portuguese people indeed are very proud of their Heritage. As our group toured the church, my travel mates and I took video or us walking in and out of the church. Sounds odd, I know but we did entertain ourselves.

Afterwards, we headed with the tour group to a coast town to see yet more tiny cobble stone streets, people selling postcards and many cafes with overpriced menus set just for the tourist. We did eat at a place that BBQ chicken place. I might add it was quite wonderful.

Then the the Royal Summer palace just outside Lisbon with it’s well appointed rooms with tile. It was much like the Church this morning, a bit plain on the outside and a simple interior. Somehow I expected more. The tiles, unique and the ceilings with birds painted on them. I know, I a bit odd. But what the heck, they were royalty.


And then the lag.

After a week or so of non-stop moving, traveling from town to town seeing more than another tourist has seen before; this the tourists start to lag.

Our guide dropped us off at the public square. He told us it was a 10 minute walk back to the hotel. Dan and I walked it yesterday and we had a record setting pace and did it in 23 minutes. I know it was a fast walk because my run keeper gave me credit for a run, not a walk. I asked him again how long to walk. He then said well, maybe 15 minutes since it’s uphill. Off the bus we went on the search of food and drink. After a drink and snack, a walk around the block and back we went. It only took us two hours. Well…two hours include the food and drink. Total walking time, one hour.

Just as we arrived back to the hotel, we saw our tour guide. He asked where we’ve been; we told him we’ve been walking back. All he could say was “you must walk slow.”

I call it the lag. The half way through our vacation tourist lag. p1020620

*I am traveling with my very lovely husband Dan and our neighbors/friends Gary & Marie


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