P1020802.JPGBiking and beer.

When was the last night you rode your bike down the middle of the road, have your chain come off and they had 12 other people on bikes watch??

We arrived in Barcelona and like the Dan and Jill tradition, we rode bikes to see the city. Years ago, went on the Fat Tire tours in Paris and Berlin. Back then, if you then rode the Barcelona bike tour you’d get a free tee shirt. So before we left on vacation, I found proof we rode the other two cities because I want that free shirt. Hello! And first thing I noticed when I saw the tour guide tee-shirts, they now proudly state “Paris-Berlin-Barcelona-London.” London?? Since when did they add a ride in London?? The free tee-shirt is now when you ride all four.

p1020757Guess our next vacation?

Anyhow. We started the bike tour mid-day. We navigate the bikes through the massively crowded cobble stone streets until we got the the main road. We did stop and see the typical tourist spots. Our guide asked if we want a few minutes to visit inside the Churches. My tour-mates and I quickly said, “No.”

And then to the main drag. The bike lane is the middle of the road. Yes, the middle. I don’t think I have ever rode in the middle of the street legally. Here it’s sanctioned. And then the fun begins. And then the darn chain on the bike came off. Repaired, and then again. And again. And Again. And in the middle of the road. Nothing like being in the middle of the road with cars wizzing past at full speed.

Good News, the tour guide did not charge extra for the adventure!

And in keeping with the title, I’ve had a few beers. I must admit, thus far I am not a fan of Spain beer. I suppose I should just keep drinking.

I’ll keep you posted and off the bike.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Scott Weissbeck says:

    I bet that you’re going to bicycle London, someday!


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