If I could do anything, anything at all….I’d travel the world and blog daily about my adventures. However, this adventurous redhead drinks beer and finds adventure in a bottle; well not only … I do love coffee, bacon and naturally my family.

Luck me, Oregon is the beer capital. We Oregonians are crazy about beer and our mircobrew. We know IBU’s ABU’s and we care about our hops & barely. We know the difference between a Lager and a Porter, a Pale Ale and a Double Bock.

In Oregon, we are also crazy about all drinks; coffee and spirits. We have lots of craft spirits and then food and food carts. Oh my, it’s crazy to think I’d even want to leave this land of plenty for adventure.

Besides, drinking & eating, and having a beer; I jog, teach water aerobics and participant in the latest fitness craze like Zumba or PiYo.

Did I tell you I have an awesome family and husband. Yes, a man actually puts up with me. When we married I promised him one thing, life with me will never be dull. A promise I intend on keeping.

Follow me for a lighthearted look at life.


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